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Call for Membership

Who can be members of UPMAS?

Graduates of the UP College of Medicine can be members of the UPMAS.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

One of the special programs of UPMAS is the Alumni Benefit Fund (ABF), which offers benefits to alumni for :

     (1 ) fellowship grants;
     (2) scholarships for dependents of disabled and deceased alumni;
     (3) sickness; and
     (4) death.

Other benefits of being an active life member:

     are eligible for office
     have voting privileges
     are eligible to use the UPMAS slot for their children’s application to the UP College of Medicine
     can receive regular communications from the society
     are eligible for assistance from the society in the Placement Program
     are eligible for nomination for the UPMAS awards
     can participate in the deliberations of the Society.

How can one become a Life Member?

Paying a one time Life Membership fee of Php 5,000.00 automatically makes a U.P. alumnus a life member.

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