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New UPMAS website

Please visit the new UPMAS website here

UPCM Alumna Is Undersecretary at the National Privacy Commission

Dr Ivy Patdu was recently appointed as undersecretary at the National Privacy Commission. More at

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Greetings from UPMAS 2016 President Dr. Alvin B. Marcelo, 1991

Dear fellow UPMAS members,

On behalf of the UPMAS Board of Directors for 2016, allow me to welcome you to a more energetic and social media-aware UPMAS. Hopefully, we can leverage technology to strengthen our networks.

History of the UP Medical Alumni Society

The history of UPMAS is closely intertwined with that of the College of Medicine and of course with the Philippine General Hospital as well.

History of the UPMAS    |    Mission & Vision    |    Directors    |    Call for Membership

Moratorium on lifetime fees for UPCM Class 70 and older on or before December 31, 2015

At the Sept 17, 2015 UPMAS board meeting, the members resolved to give a moratorium on the increase in lifetime membership fees for the UP College of Medicine Class 1970 and older batches. The current lifetime membership fee is P10,000. With this moratorium, eligible alumni can still pay P5000 on or before December 31, 2015.

We encourage alumni from those classes to avail of this moratorium. Lifetime members have significant benefits such as free tickets to the homecoming ball every December from their golden jubilee onwards.

Join the UP Med Webinars

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